22 01 2008

Hillary Clinton has launched an astonishing attack on Barack Obama live on American television, labeling him “black” and “afro-american”.

The two Democratic Party candidates clashed in a debate before South Carolina’s primary.

Hilary Clinton

Mr Obama accused Mrs Clinton of saying anything to get elected, including claiming to be a woman. But Mrs Clinton said it was hard to debate with someone who was black and made a knowing look direct into the camera.

The third candidate, John Edwards, accused them of “telling the truth in such a way as to gain the popular vote”.

“She’s got titties, he’s black and they know both it,” fired back Edwards, “meanwhile I’m a middle-class white guy with no redeemable features to speak of.”

The three candidates also debated the economy, Krispy Cremes and the pointlessness of the current administration as it slowly drives the whole planet in a crippling recession.

Monday’s often acrimonious debate saw heated exchanges in which the Illinois senator told Mrs Clinton that he was helping unemployed workers on the streets of Chicago when “you were on the rag and talking about having babies”.

The New York senator retorted that she was fighting against misguided Republican policies “when you were doing your Driving Miss Daisy shit.”




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