24 09 2007

Some murderers shouldn’t be in jail because they’re misunderstood by society, Lord Chief Justice Lord Phillips has said.

He voiced doubts as to whether murderers needed locking up at all, commenting that most seemed “a pretty decent sort”.


“Murderers, and in particular mass-murderers and serial killers, show an intense focus and attention to detail you rarely find in people today.”

Lord Phillips, speaking at the University of Birmingham on Thursday, said it was regrettable that the government and society in general “over-reacted” whenever a headless torso was dredged up from a river.

“Show me a man with a suit made of fresh skin hanging in his wardrobe, and I’ll show you a man who works methodically with purpose, drive and ambition. For me, these are qualities that should be applauded by their communities, not frowned upon.”

“The men and women who see these projects through to conclusion work hard in challenging conditions for little reward or thanks – more than can be said for the unemployed and homeless who are worthless leeches that should be clensed from sight.”

Previously, Lord Phillips has spoken out on a number of key issues in the past, including the question of whether bestiality is a crime if the animal in question is “smiling”.




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