29 08 2007

The Ministry of Justice has been granted a High Court injunction against a national strike by thousands of prisoners.

The surprise walkout, intended to last at least 24 hours, saw many prisons release murderers and rapists in towns and cities across England and Wales.


Earlier this year an independent review body recommended to ministers that prisoners be paid up to £20,000 per annum, over £2,000 more than the basic pay for a prison officer.

The review body reasoned that without prisoners then prisons would have to close, making thousands of officers and staff redundant.

“There has to be some sort of incentive for a person to want to be in prison,” commented Nick Jefferies of the Public Office for Prison Relations, “because it can mean time away from loved ones, televisions with only basic channel packages, poor food and the occasional anal violation.”

“Prisons are one of this government’s few success stories – they’re full to capacity which is great news for the economy.”

“Maintaining those kind of numbers isn’t cheap though – the government can’t have it both ways.”

Lawyers for the Ministry of Justice told the High Court the strike had meant there are over 20,000 prisoners released into the public yesterday.

But convicted murderer Jack “the Skinner” Jackson, responsible for the slaying of 17 prostitutes in 1987, insisted the strike is necessary.

“We’ll all be back our cells tomorrow, because this strike isn’t about freedom – it’s about making a point to the Government,” said the 47 year-old widower as he finished lining his unmarked transit van with polythene sheeting.




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