27 08 2007

Another big cat has been sighted in Exeter, just weeks after children spotted one in nearby Whitestone.

Martin Cruickshank, from Whipton saw what he believes to be an unidentified big cat in his garden.

According to Cruickshank, the cat was black in colour and about the size of an small domestic cat, but a little bit bigger.


“It was there in front of me for about half a minute and I clearly saw that it was some sort of big cat.”

The animal ran off into bushes after leaping from a tree in Mr Cruickshank’s garden.

The sighting is the third in the past month. Two horse riders were startled by what they believed to be a slightly overweight cat in Christow on July 19.

Friends Hayley Brown and friend Helen Chimperley spotted a wild cat about the size of a cat. The animal ran off into bushes after leaping from a tree.

Meanwhile, a second sighting in Topsham on August 12 has left three children too scared to go out to play by themselves.

Sisters Sarah and Rachel Dent, aged 10 and nine respectively, and their friend Peter Perterson, aged nine, were playing on wasteland at the end of their road after school.

They saw a normal sized black cat, but with a wide head, run across the wasteland and into bushes.




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